ABOUT My Research

I am an applied economist with expertise in empirical microeconomics and environmental and resource economics.

My philosophy is that combining both empirical and theoretical approaches (or put differently, normative and positive approaches) is essential in economic research. Theoretical models that fail to exlain observed economic phonenomena should not be used to construct policy advice. Empirical findings that are not well founded in economic theory and cannot advance economic models, no matter how interesting they might be, shoud not be used in informing policies. In this sense, I concur with Heckman (QJE, 2000; JPE, 2001) on the nature of empirical economics.

Work in Progress and Working Papers

  • Is Ride-hailing Good for Environment? (ver: July, 2022; PDF)
  • Climate Mitigation and Spatial Distribution of Automobile Demand: The Role of Income, Public Transit, and Portfolio Preferences (ver: Dec., 2021; PDF)
  • Market Access Approach to Empirical Research in New Economic Geography: Evidence from the Build-A-New-Japan Policy during the 1990s
  • Economics of Transportation Electrification


Refereed Journal Articles






Do Regulatory Loopholes Distort Technical Change? Evidence from New Vehicle Launches under the Japanese Fuel Economy Regulation (with S. Managi), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management104, 102377 (2020) (DOIOpen Access)

Retiring for Better Health? Evidence from Health Investment Behaviors in Japan (with Meng Zhao and H. Noguchi), Japan and the World Economy, 42, 56–63 (2017)

Can Green Car Taxes Restore Efficiency? Evidence from the Japanese New Car Market (with Meng Zhao), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4(1), 51-87 (2017) (PDFDOI)

Emissions Trading, Firm Heterogeneity, and Intra-industry Reallocations in the Long Run (with Nori Tarui),  Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(1), 1-42 (2015) (PDFDOI)

Water Quality Trading: Can We Get the Prices of Pollution Right? (with Jay Coggins and Bin Wang), Water Resources Research, 51(5), 3126-3144 (2015) (PDFDOI)

Does Information on Health Status Lead to A Healthier Lifestyle? Evidence from China on the Effect of Hypertension Diagnosis on Food Consumption (with Meng Zhao and Paul Glewwe), Journal of Health Economics, 32(2), 367-385 (2013) (PDFDOI)

Does Smoking Affect Schooling? Evidence from Teenagers in Rural China (with Meng Zhao and Paul Glewwe), Journal of Health Economics, 31(4), 584-598 (2012) (PDFDOI)

Efficiency Properties of Binary Ecolabeling, Resource and Energy Economics, 33(4), 798-819 (2011) (PDF)

A Framework for Estimating Willingness-To-Pay to Avoid Endogenous Environmental Risks, (with Kenji Adachi) Resource and Energy Economics, 33(1), 130-154 (2011) (PDF)

Economic Evaluation of the New U.S. Arsenic Standard for Drinking Water: A Disaggregated Approach (with Yongsung Cho and K. William Easter), Water Resources Research, 46, W10527 (2010)

Environmental Risk and Welfare Valuation under Imperfect Information (with Jay S. Coggins), Resource and Energy Economics, 30(2), 150-169 (2008) (PDF)

What Are the Economic Health Costs of Non-Action in Controlling Toxic Water Pollution? (with K. William Easter), International Journal of Water Resources Development, 22(4), 529-541 (2006)



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